March 2011

Brave New World

CIA's 'Facebook' Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs

Farmville game image

Whether or not you're a FaceBook junkie, you've got to admit there's an eery amount of truth in this report from that hard-hitting and trendsetting news outlet, The Onion News Network:

Tell the truth. Just how many hours did you invest in "Operation Farmville" this week?

Shut the F%#& Up Victoria Jackson!

Im guessing "Glee's Gay Kiss" woudn't have been a problem if there was doughnuts around.

Did anyone get a chance to see Victoria Jackson's plus sized views on HLN Showbiz tonight? If not, check out this YouTube video where she shows the world her conservative views. Speaking of conservative, Victoria - perhaps you should be as conservative with your calorie intake and fashion accessories as you are regarding gay issues. Seriously! I know you are a C list 80's and early 90's "comedian" (and this is undoubtedly the only way your "fans" know you) - but the hair, the scrunchie, and your fat ass should have stayed back there with your narrow view of the world and sexuality. Its 2011 bitch, and you have a lot of catching up to do.

Google’s New Formula SUCKS

While I understand that Google is trying to accommodate customer desires with their new algorithm change, their method already seems pretty darn flawed. I can’t find anything! And I used to be the Queen of Google; just ask my old debate partners. We always had every evidence card we needed because of dear old Google. Now, I think they’re trying to dig themselves an early grave and push consumers away toward Bing, since their change has resulted in big issues.