February 2011

Myspace: Crazy Jealous Psycho Ex Lover

"I swear I have changed - this time it will be different!"

Myspace just won't leave me alone. I get one of these emails like twice a week!

This one that I recently got "Where have you been?", has got to be the saddest one ever.

These letters are not only really pathetic but they also border on crazy stalker and have a hint of "TAKE ME BACK - NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVED YOU!".

I'm scared for my life.

Dixie Carter's "Exorcise" Video


Okay, so I guess this was all the rage a few years ago and I have no idea how I missed it! The best stuff comes around 57 seconds but the whole thing is really wildly hilarious. I think she was actually being serious about it, too! Check out Dixie Carter's (of "Designing Women" fame) "Exorcise" Video below:

You can't tell me that is not the most hilarious thing ever!