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Internet Meme: Pancake Bunny

A Japanese photographer named

Hironori Akutagawa had a pet rabbit named Oolong. In May of 1999 Akutagawa began to take pictures of Oolong and posted them to his Website. He also trained Oolong to balance a variety of objects on the rabbit's head. The photos really are charming; you can see Oolong playing outside, sleeping, and yes, balancing objects on his head. Oolong had regular excursions outdoors, and even liked to play in the snow.

Links to the Web site and pictures of Oolong began to circulate, especially after Syberpunk, a geeky culture site about Japanese culture, wrote about Oolong. Two pictures in particular became wildly popular. A picture of Oolong with a waffle on his head, and a picture of Oolong with a Japanese pancake, a dorayaki on his head. The pancake picture took off as a macro image, when some unknown person posted a macro image of Oolong with the caption "I do not know what you are talking about so here's a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head." An image of Oolong, with or without a macro, became a fairly common way to indicate that a previous poster was not making sense in a blog thread or in an online forum. It's dismissive, much the way the Internet acronym "tl;dr" and varients of Too Long; Didn't Read" are dismissive.

Oolong died on January 7, 2003, but has been immortalized in a book, a New York Times article, and in countless macro images of him and parodies of macro images of him. He is a bonafide meme.