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Geek Apparel Gifts

How to outfit your friends in nerd culture


No geek's wardrobe is complete without a splendid array of geeky t-shirts. Whether sourced from Threadless or ShirtWoot, most of the nerd persuasion has plenty of novelty tees to call their own. But that doesn't mean they're not always on the lookout for more. Thankfully, the internet is an endless engine of geek culture and there's always more apparel to collect. If you've got a beloved geek in your life who would be delighted with just a few extra additions to their apparel collection, here are a few gift ideas for them as we creep up on the end of the holiday season.
You probably know someone who would squeal over a brand new Google Doodle t-shirt. She's the one who tweets as soon as there's a new custom Google logo up on the site. She figured out how to play Pac-Man on that one doodle before anyone else. She has an Android phone and it's her favorite thing in the world. She'd like nothing more than to snag a job at the net giant's HQ, even if it's just as a gofer. Pick her up a t-shirt of her favorite doodle, officially sanctioned by Google itself. Their new store lets you browse by year to order merchandise printed with that one doodle you remember from years ago but had forgotten all about until now.
This one's pretty high tech. It actually lights up when there's a wi-fi signal around, meaning you don't even have to whip out your phone or computer to see if you've got an access point. Just look down and see if the front of your shirt is lighting up. Could be distracting if you're trying to be discreet in certain situations, so make sure not to wear it on your top-secret spy missions.
Just in case you find yourself caught in a TARDIS on your way back to the past, make sure you have this shirt around somewhere. It's a quick cheat sheet to a lot of important things that have been discovered in the future of whatever time you're headed to. Invent them a few decades early and become the new lord of all things science. You'll probably mess up the continuity of the entire universe, but everybody's gotta make sacrifices.
Alternatively, for those of you who are hip to both nerdery and irony, you can pick up some of these geek shame shirts to suck the air out of everyone else's happy internet balloon.