This looky-loo culture has got to stop

This looky-loo culture has got to stop

I’m about sick of everyone in my business; how about you?

Facebook and Twitter have pretty much ruined our society, wouldn’t you say? Oh, I know you think I’m one of those people who like to blame things for peoples’ mistakes—when guns don’t kill people! Gaping holes do!—but never have being public, and hanging on the every word or deed of every person you know, been this easy in the history of humankind.

Well, maybe when there were just two people, or whatever, it was easy.

In the “old days,” meaning just ten or twenty years ago, you had neighborhood gossips who went around to talk to every individual on his or her daily rounds, simply spreading the news. You know who I mean! When I was a kid, ours was named Robin, and she had a nasally voice to accompany her constant nosiness. I wish I’d had the precocious cleverness to tell her wild stories, like my pet alligator escaped or we were harboring a fugitive or something, just to see what would happen.Today you don’t even need the gossips. People post everything about themselves online. I know; I’m a bit addicted to posting pictures of my kid and what we did that day, too. It was really just to share with grandma and other relatives who seemed to not get enough of it, but now I really regret what I’ve done, what I’ve become. I am sick of this self-absorbed, Tweet! StatusReport! culture we’ve developed and what it yields in our daily lives.

I have relatives that simply cannot mind their own business. I don’t know how they think we survive every day, since they randomly call to complain about my family and our lifestyle rather than daily. It must be super nice to not work and just sit around playing on Facebook and calling people to ruin their day as these people enjoy doing, but dude, I am too busy for this crap! I’m actually living, raising a kid, working, trying to build a career, save for a home, homeschool, volunteer, and plenty of other things! I don’t have time for your ignorance and your misplaced so-called “concern” that only shows up when it’s convenient and especially your thinly-veiled threats regarding such concerns.

Do us all a favor and get a life, will you? It’ll be good for you AND the rest of the world at large. This making a life up while you sit around judging everybody else is getting really old.