Lady Gaga and Our Culture

Lady Gaga and Our Culture

How the Internet helped create a Monster

I want to talk about Lady Gaga for a minute. Yes, I know if you read one more article about this woman you might explode but I am going to extrapolate on her in a much bigger perspective on her than just her music and looks. This is the exact musical act we deserve as a country. She is a beautiful representation of who we are and please don’t think that’s a compliment.

Her reign towards the top has really only happened in the last three or four years. But if you were to read about her in most articles you would think she’s been around for decades and decades to come. Whether she does this has nothing to do with her music. Yes, we all know about the image and the clothes and the baiting use of taboo topics. These are all the things I expect from my pop singers then why do we treat her as a revolutionary in pop music. Sure her songs her catchy and she clearly has some talent but so does Rhianna. She’s in the same business and actually has a lot more bigger hits but the way you read the press she’s a footnote to Lady Gaga giant career. Whether or not this has something to do with the color of her skin is for a different article completely.

We need to take a look at the last ten years to get a good look out our culture. We’ve seen the dawning of the internet, it’s stronghold on our culture via social networking, not mention reality TV. I feel all three of these things feed into making Lady Gaga the sensation that she is. Reality television over the last ten years have given a lot of people in this country and inflated sense of worth. It seems to take people who are inconsequential to our lives seem important. It also seems to make people believe they can become overnight sensations without the work. Even though Lady Gaga has only been around for years but everything she does is considered amazing and shocking and should be documented in every detail. She doesn’t even have to do anything original it’s already considered important whether it is or not. For the most part Lady Gaga retreads a lot of Madonna’s act except this time it’s blown even more out of proportion. You factor in the internet and social networking and this only exasperates the situation.

Lady Gaga wears a bunch of Kermit the Frogs for an outfit and it’s everywhere. This isn’t even shocking or musical it’s just a bad fashion sense yet it was everywhere. People used to talk about the cable news and its twenty-four hour cycle they have to fill. So every story would be come inflated to fill the time. The internet has created the same problem and the same vacuum to fill. Lady Gaga fills this perfectly. She dresses weird, gives strange sound bites, and all in all provokes a reaction in people. Good enough for any pop star but with this giant internet vacuum that needs to fill stories everything is elaborated on more and more. With social networking people get to weigh in and your thoughts become personalized. If someone doesn’t like your opinion on Lady Gaga then it becomes an attack on you; which then makes Lady Gaga seem way more important to you than she ever really was. Then blogs are written about her all the time to fill up the again that internet vacuum. As is this article which is just as guilty of what I am talking about. So people are taking personal stands and writing about her all the time which then makes her seem all the more important. This is not the case. She is the same as every pop star for every decade. She seems completely of the moment but will seem completely dated when the moment passes her. She seems like she might have the brains to stick around and reinvent herself. In three years we will start seeing the stripped down Lady Gaga no costumes just music. And then five years after that she’ll bring back the costumes and the fireworks.

The question that has to be asked will she matter. If our culture continues into this vacuum where everything seems important then she just might be the artist for the decade. So Lady Gaga is our representative mediocre talent and a whole lot ego. Hmm I wonder why we are in the mess we are in. I am not saying Lady Gaga is the cause of this; not at all, she is the direct result of that problem.