Hackers vs. Hackers

Hackers vs. Hackers

A work of total fiction

Deep down in the dark city, the trolls, hackers and gamers were getting bored hacking the innocent corporations and preying upon pretty girls in races and on dating sites. They needed more of a challenge. 

The contests set up by security firms were a joke; everyone knew that the games were rigged by individuals trying to keep the systems unsafe. The Internet had been up and running since Al Gore invented it decades before and no one had taken the time to lock the door and secure the net because it just didn’t seem like a priority. 

Some minor hackers got together and started hacking a copycat hacking group called Semi-Anonymous. They always accepted responsibility for their hacks so they weren’t as anonymous as some of the other hackers out there. 

Anyway, the hackers hacking Semi-Anonymous had to come up with a name for their little group. It did not go the way as someone had planned. The so-called leader of the group wanted a tribute to an ominous movie in their title, but the group members were opposed. 


The hackers hacking Semi-Anonymous when it came to hacking, but they knew that Semi-Anonymous wouldn’t bother them too much since Semi-Anonymous had bigger and better things to deal with like the law, which was not on their side. 


The hackers chose Rainmaker as their name. Not in tribute to any movie or figure, but to the Native Americans who had inspired them. The name did not mean, in fact, that the hacking group was seeking retribution for the Native Americans. Rather, the name meant that the hacking group was taking their new group seriously and did not want to offend the spirits. (One of the hackers was old and had played Mist in his youth, so this may have also contributed to the name.)


Rainmaker didn’t start out hacking Semi-Anonymous, but decided to hack each other first to practice. This did not go over well with the girlfriends and wives of the Rainmaker members, but no one ever said that hackers or computer programmers had a special way with women. 


When Rainmaker did decide to start hacking Semi-Anonymous, it took them weeks to get organized. Who would hack who and why? Would they “claim responsibility for the hacks to make themselves sound more important or would they remain quiet about their activities? 


As smart as the members of Rainmaker were, they could not get their act together. To be continued.....