Go Daddy Hacked by Anonymous Member

Go Daddy Hacked by Anonymous Member

Go Daddy DNS Mail: Return to Sender

I was actually working online and encountered a problem with an email bouncing back unexpectedly; it took a phone call for me to realize that I wasn’t being individually targeted. An Anonymous member cyberattacked GoDaddy.com, which is a web server host that hosts millions of web sites. The hack has affected millions of websites and millions of emails are not getting through. 


Originally, Anonymous was thought to be behind the attack, but since then, AnonymousOwn3r, an Anonymous member from Brazil, has taken responsiblity for the hack on millions of individual DNS servers. 

Tech Cruch has reported that Go Daddy is working on resolving the situation, but given the enormity of the problem, it may take a while. The serious impact of the hack by AnonymousOwn3r seems to be on small businesses and Go Daddy’s site itself does not appear to have been affected. 


From what I can understand on Twitter, the hacker seems to believe that he is doing a favor to people by demonstrating to Go Daddy’s users that there are serious security flaws within Go Daddy. The business owners who are affected by the hack are angry beyond belief. There are several Tweets directed towards AnonymousOwn3r from angry business owners reminding the hacker that problems he may have with Go Daddy are directly affecting their livelihoods. 


The fall-out for Go Daddy is enormous. Mashable, a site noted for up-to-date Geek content, is already advising its readers on how to transfer their domains to other sites. The tutorial is simple and easy to understand, even for those who are more technically challenged. 


Meanwhile, according to CNET, Go Daddy has been updating their own Twitter account with messages to their customers that sound more hokey than correct; the basic line being given from Go Daddy is that they are aware of what is happening and are working on resolving the problem. 



That doesn’t mean that it won’t be a challenge for Go Daddy to resolve the problems that people are having with their DNS servers. After claiming how easy it was to do a hack on millions of DNS servers, the Anonymous member claimed on Twitter that when he did this kind of attack,


"when i do some DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack i like to let it down by many days , the attack for unlimited time, it can last one hour or one month."


The frightening thing about the cyber attack is how easy the attacker thinks it was and his apparent lack of remorse for the cyber attack. This has been evident through his responses to the pleas of the ordinary people affected by the Go Daddy hack. Taunts and insults to him have been ignored by him or have received replies like,


hahaha I'm not a lammer dude, did u see my attack to facebook last time? they can't ever know where it came from.”