Cultural Palette Cleanse

I am drowning. Not physically drowning but mentally. I’ve reached my saturation point and my head is going under the water. This article is the sound of me gurgling.  Simply put there is too much. I have access to way too much information and only realizing the effect this is beginning to have on me. I suppose a little more detail might help explain my statement. I am sitting at my job scanning the internet; reading music, business, politics, and film sites. And following links to one article to the next. My job isn’t normally this slow but it’s an off day. And here I am reading up and making lists of albums I haven’t heard that I want to download, and books that I still need to get around to reading, and the list of films piling up in Netflix account is ridiculous. I keep reading about the new album from an artist I’ve always liked so I know I’m going to have to listen to it. Not to mention all the new articles on my favorite sites that I still need to get to. I can feel it all start to pile up. And then for some reason I asked why.

There are so many great films, movies, and music for me to consume that it might take me three lifetimes to hear it all. This barely takes into account all the new great works being produced. Time is a limited quantity in our lives and the internet has helped fill it up. Time is our greatest resource and it’s the thing we waste the most of. But that’s a different thought for a different day. That even from this point on if all I did was consumer and absorb all the great works out there available at my finger tips what do I hope to gain. And it also raises the question if all I do is consume the classics, and the weird, and the strange stuff everyone tells me to check out; after a while won’t they all seem ordinary.  How do I know that new Korean film is any better or worse when I don’t see any thing of less quality to compare it with? Once great because ordinary and regular in our lives where do we go from there.

As an artist I find this a very frustrating concept. So much out there that it overwhelms. Try to find an original idea while being washed in a sea of greatness. With so many influence and don’t they all start to cancel each other out and you just end with one piece of bland art. I feel movies and music in the last seven years seem just drained and shell shocked by all the available media. That no one can come up with anything original because they are just drowned in genres and great film that have already done it first. That’s why I feel that in music and movies the last ten years everything has become a mash-up of two genres. If we can’t think of anything original let’s just combine two new flavors. This works for a while but eventually it ends up just like Baskin Robbins. Really all you are doing is finding new ways to sell me chocolate and vanilla. So interest of saving time and hoping to create some new flavors for us all to try I am suggesting a cultural fast. Yes, I want readers to start recommending to me one piece of great literature, film, or music that I can just skip.  That I don’t need to see; that my life won’t be affected without seeing.  Don’t think of it as insulting something you love think of it as saving a man from drowning.